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Animal Breeders

Skyscraper insurance Support Program is designed for quality animal breeders to easily recommend medical insurance for dogs and cats. Our go home day offer provides great benefits to your litters, their new owners, and to your business.

Professionals in the animal breeding industry must have knowledge of everything from genetics to pet health to become successful in their profession. It also comes with a certain amount of risk that can lead to financial problems.Skyscraper insurance has policies to help you with your pet breeding business and that can protect you in case of an accident. We offer coverage’s for a wide variety of animal breeding.

More than any other group of pet care professionals, breeder’s face liability from a “completed operations exposure.” After the sale of a pet, if for any reason the new pet owner becomes dissatisfied with their expensive purchase and they create a legal issue regarding your disclosure on the sale, Skyscraper insurance will be there to defend your position.

This unique risk means that you, your business, and your employees are vulnerable to legal action long after your sell an animal. This can create a looming, unknown worry that can divert your focus from the daily tasks that make your business successful.

Luckily, the experts at Skyscraper insurance can review quotes from leading coverage providers to find the animal breeder insurance that accounts for completed operations exposure.

Here are some of the added benefits that animal breeders secure with a policy that fits their needs:

  • Higher levels of trust from clients
  • Coverage for gaps Worker’s Compensation
  • Coverage for property at the clients’ home
  • Coverage for medical and veterinary bills stemming from bites or other physical altercations

Unlike times before, pet breeders are much more aware of the pet’s health, which has readily influenced them to settle for the insurance policies. Animal breeders tend to breed healthy dogs with good temperament. Breeding of the healthy dogs will result in healthy puppies. In fact the breeders raise the puppies in order to prepare them to be a family pet.