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Occupational Medicine Provider


Occupational Medicine Provider

Why Partner with an Occupational

Medicine Provider With a partner

  • Lower costs
  • The employee feels you care
  • Fast service
  • Better communication
  • Less lost work time
  • Stronger follow-up care
  • Fewer OSHA recordable
  • Easier Billing
  • Without a partner
  • Confusion
  • Poor employee experience
  • Billing issues
  • Lose track of the employee
  • Unnecessary recordables
  • Higher costs
  • Longer case duration
  • Less control

What to look for in a provider

Established injury care programs and


Focus on outcomes/ Occupational Medicine


Strong Physician relationships

The structured and managed communication process

Focus on Patient Experience

Questions to ask Provider

Are you certified by the NYSWCB? If so, what is your WCB


What is your philosophy of treating work-related injuries?

Do you understand OSHA Recordability?

What is the average wait time?

What are your hours of operation?

How do you communicate with employers?

What happens when a referral to a specialist is needed?

How many of your doctors are full-time employees?

What other services do you provide? Drug testing, BAT,

Respirator clearance, etc.

Why every business with employees Partner with an Occupational Medicine Provider With a partner, Skyscraper Insurance Risk management dep can set you up it keep your workers comp down as well!

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