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Home insurance policy risks reanimating this Halloween


Home insurance policy risks reanimating this Halloween

Home insurance policy risks reanimating this Halloween

While policyholders might be prepared for some high school hijinks that could cause damage, are they truly considering all the risks at hand on Halloween night? With More Americans planning to celebrate Halloween this year after a bit of a down holiday in 2020, according to the National Retail Federation, the potential for peril ticks up.

In addition to a higher volume of revelers, this year the holiday falls on a Sunday, which has historically been the third most dangerous day for Halloween to take place on when it comes to accidents, according to policy aggregation site The most dangerous day for Halloween, according to the site, is Friday. Perhaps counterintuitive, but the safest day for Halloween has historically been Saturdays. In fact, the site found Saturday Halloweens are safer for driving than a typical Saturday.

Halloween is also a popular holiday for car thieves to ply their trade, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

While auto accidents might rise on Halloween, for homeowners the potential for slips, trips and falls should be top of mind. As the above slideshow reveals, All Hallows’ Eve holds many other risks that can lead to claims, according to Erie Insurance.

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