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Private collection

Private collection

Private Collections Insurance

Whether you collect fine art, antique furniture, jewelry, wine, vintage cars, memorabilia, or something else you’re passionate about, Skyscraper Insurance Private Client Group can craft a competitively priced policy with the precise coverage you require. We’ll work with you to protect even the rarest or delicate items.

You’re an avid collector who has spent a lifetime perfecting your collection. It’s special to you, which makes it special to us. And with a personal collections policy from Nationwide Private Client, you can get the coverage these cherished possessions deserve.

Collections policies can include jewelry, fine arts, silverware, furs, wine, cameras, musical instruments, stamp collections, coin collections, collectibles and other valuable articles. Whether your collection is worth $25,000 or $5 million or more we have a solution.

Scheduled or blanket coverage: We cover physical damage or loss to valuable articles, including theft and mysterious disappearance, up to the scheduled limits with options to increase coverage for jewelry and fine arts. You can select blanket coverage for an entire class of collections or individually schedule each item. Your coverage applies worldwide, without deductibles.