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Animal Liability

Animal Liability

Need to insure your Show dog, Race horse, or Dancing Pig?

When we hear the term ‘Animal Liability” most people think of Dog Bites, and very often it true. Homeowners and Landlords for every business from Apartments to Offices to ‘Pet Friendly’ stores see alarming incidents, and most without insurance.

Dog bite injuries are becoming common, but so are all sorts of other dog-related damages from property destruction to dogs attacking your neighbor’ pet cats, rabbit, dog or iguana.

The ‘No dogs allowed’ sign is not enough anymore.

We also see an alarming increase in the number of claims for injuries and damages from pets like horses, lemurs, snakes and insects (tarantulas, scorpions etc.)

Worse yet, most insurance policies exclude coverage for many or most injuries from dogs & pets. Check with your agent or Skyscraper Insurance

What’s our solution? Animal Liability Coverage from Skyscraper.

We insure almost any dog, animal reptile or insect from Aardvarks to Zebra’s!