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Window Coverings

Having proper liability and business insurance coverage to protect your business is important. By protecting your assets in the event of litigation and accidents, you can be assured that your drapery, window blinds, and shades manufacturer general liability insurance coverage will protect the business you have built.

If you install window covers of any kind for customers, you’re in a $149 million industry that’s predicted to grow by about 4.9 percent annually for the next 15 years. This means you need to be ready to install more window covers than ever for customers who need your services. If you want a way to set yourself apart from the other window cover installers in this country, getting window cover installer insurance is a good idea. Here’s the coverage you need to make sure it includes.

Window Cover Installers Need The Following Insurance

Business Liability Insurance (GL): General liability needs to be part of your window cover installer insurance policy because it is meant to pay for the medical needs of anyone who is injured on your business property. For example, if you have an office where you keep your window coverings and tools, and a visitor there trips, general liability will pay for the related medical costs. General liability also applies when anyone who visits your work site gets hurt. So if your employee breaks a window and the customer is injured by broken glass in his own home, general liability will cover any hospital bills. It will also pay for the broken window and any other damages to the home.

Business Personal Property Insurance: If you want to keep up with your competitors, it’s important to keep your business property looking professional. If you have an office where you meet with customers, and it is ever vandalized or destroyed by a fire, you can rely on BPP to replace or fix the structure and its contents. Any items you lose in a burglary will also be replaced by BPP when you add it to your window cover installer insurance policy. Basically, if you could not immediately pay for building repairs or product replacements after a disaster, you need BPP to cover those costs for you.

Workers Comp Protection: When you employ people, they depend on you to provide a safe workplace for them. This applies even when their workplace is constantly changing, such as when they install window coverings in homes and businesses. Luckily, the workers comp coverage you add to your window cover installer insurance policy is valid anywhere your employees are working. And in this field, on-the-job injuries are expected at least once in a while, since window cover installers often have to climb ladders and use tools regularly. This is why it is crucial to have workers comp, which will pay off your employees’ medical bills when they need treatment after a work injury.