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When you need wallpaper replacement for a damaged section, you might not have pay for the entire project. If a leak ruined your old wallpaper, your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of wallpaper replacement.

When insurance adjusters assess the damage to your home, they will use their knowledge and experience to gauge the cost. They also may want to talk to you so they can gather as much information as possible.

Before they come to your home, dig up the receipt from your initial wallpaper purchase. If you can’t find it or didn’t purchase it yourself, look up the pattern and provide the adjuster with a printout of the pricing. If the pattern is discontinued, look up the price of a comparable design. You could also get a written statement from a professional wallpaper hanger on the best course of action and the estimated total cost of the project.

Adjusters make their decision largely based on your policy’s coverage details and exclusions, but also on the information you provide, so make sure you’re prepared to give them the most accurate assessment possible. Check out the selection at Wallpaper Warehouse, whether you’re looking for new wallpaper or a replacement for a simple patch job.