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Vending Concessionaires

Business insurance offers your food vending business a plan of action when the unexpected happens. It can reimburse your business for property damage you've suffered and fund your legal defense if someone sues.

Whether you’re a veteran of the food vending industry or a newcomer looking to get your first street-vending license, we can help you find food vendor insurance quickly and easily.

To help you budget your policies, we’ve provided these cost estimates. Remember, though, that these are just estimates. Depending on your city laws and the type of food vending business you run, you could pay a significantly different rate for your insurance policies.

General Liability Insurance

You’ve probably heard about General Liability Insurance because many municipalities require it before they will grant you a food vending / street vending license.

General Liability Insurance can pay your legal costs when customers, businesses, and other third parties sue you. It covers lawsuits over property damage, and physical injuries. If you serve food that gets your customers sick, GL Insurance can cover the resulting lawsuit. If you damage the land or facilities where you’ve set up your vending station, this insurance can cover your legal fees and the damages you owe.

Business Owner’s Policy

Many food vendors purchase Business Owner’s Policies because they cover physical property (cart, equipment, etc.) and pay for many types of lawsuits. BOP’s package General Liability (see above) and Property Insurance together for a discount.

As a food vendor, your commercial property is your business. Without your cart, tent, or food station, your business doesn’t exist. Property Insurance protects this and other business property from theft, fire damage, some weather damage, and a few other loss scenarios. If your cart is stolen or vandalized, your insurer reimburses you for the loss. Other covered property includes uniforms, inventory, supplies, and equipment.

Business Owner’s Policy with Errors and Omissions Insurance

Food vending BOPs can also be customized to include Errors and Omissions Insurance, which covers some additional food-related lawsuits. If one of your customers has an allergic reaction to food you advertised as allergen-free, E&O Insurance covers the lawsuit. Depending on the kind of food cart you run, you might be exposed to E&O liabilities.