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Vape Stores/Lounges

From High Street stores to online retailers, our package cover can be adapted to your individual requirements from legal liability exposures, such as public and products liability insurance, to physical losses such as fire, flood or theft to buildings, contents, stock, money and any associated loss of profits.

What is a vaping lounge?

Vaping lounges are like a modern day take on the classic cigar lounge.  In some cases, food is served, while in others only water or non-alcoholic beverages may be available.  Depending your set up, we can help your vaping, smoking, or cigar lounge find insurance.

Insurance for a restaurant in a vaping lounge?

We can help.  If you are combining food or alcohol service, can can tailor a policy to your needs.  When requesting a quote, provide the details on the services that you provide so that we can prepare the correct type of quote.

What does it cover?

The electronic cigarette, or vaping, industry has boomed in recent years. There is a great deal of demand for these products, but selling e-cigarettes comes with risks in addition to those that come with owning any shop.

Do I need it?

Vape and e-cigarette shops are relatively new territory, and this lack of historical statistics can make getting affordable cover difficult. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of e-cigarettes, Quote Four can provide tailored cover that protects you.

  • Buildings and contents
  • Stock and raw material stock
  • Employers’ liability
  • Product liability
  • Public liability
  • Business interruption