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Vacant Buildings

Insurance for Vacant Building. Our Vacant Building package is designed for residential and commercial vacant building risks. We can consider coverage for .

We at Skyscraper have an in- depth knowledge of all things real estate. We possess a unique understanding of all the intricate details, of all the ins and outs of the real estate insurance field, due to years of on the ground experience. We have worked extensively with all the players on the real estate insurance market, including real estate owners, managers, and investors, as well as the top underwriters at all major insurance carriers. Skyscraper’s team will make use of our unique expertise and specialized knowledge to customize a vacant building insurance policy that accurately fits your needs Since a vacant building holds little or no furniture or other personal property, many property insurance policies severely limits, reduces or entirely eliminates coverage when a building has been vacant or unoccupied for a designated period of time, such as 45 or 60 days. Skyscraper also provides instant and speedy certificates of insurance to banks for new closings and refinances. We at Skyscraper will stop at nothing to deliver optimum results, in an efficient and cost effective manner.