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Tobacco and Smoke Shops

Business Interruption is a coverage that is seldom discussed. This insurance covers the loss due to time, quantity and other values and it might just be the most important coverage of them all.

Commercial Insurance is an every changing landscape of exposure and companies willing to cover particular exposures. Smoke Shops and Vape Shops, excluding product liability, are basically nothing more than a retail exposure from an insurance standpoint. Coverage are simple but yet it is important to note that without the correct coverage, you are leaving yourself open to exposure to loss that you will not have coverage.

Our national Smoke Shop & Tobacco Store insurance policy provides coverage that is not found in standard coverage forms. We offer our Tobacco Store Insurance clients the best possible coverage at low preferred rate.  Additionally, the limits for many standard coverage parts have been increased substantially.  Immediate quotes and coverage.

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Owning a cigar or tobacco shop is similar to owning a small retail store. There are obvious differences in your customer base, regulations and legal requirements of course. There can also be differences in your liability and loss risks. Be sure you protect your cigar shop with the right types of commercial insurance to fit your company’s needs.