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Skyscraper insurance are individuals or firms that act as middlemen between Stockbroker Insurance investors and stock sellers.

Arranging the right level of stockbrokers professional indemnity insurance if you work as an asset managerinvestment fund managerstockbroker or other types of private client manager is critical, not least because as you are probably used to dealing with high net worth clients who expect you to have the appropriate level of investment manager liability insurance. QuoteRack enables you to obtain insurance quotes for investment managers from expert insurance intermediaries who specialise in providing this type of professional indemnity insurance for stockbrokers.

In reality, your work is more about caution than people realize. You built your brokerage through years of work learning your trade and establishing a reputation. Over the years, you’ve also learned about the risks that come in your industry. Financial mismanagement, miscommunications, fraud, theft — these risks could strip you and your clients of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, stockbrokers can get small business insurance policies that cover some of their biggest risks. Below are the insurance policies that insureon’s agents can customize for your firm. Because our insurance agents specialize in stockbroker insurance.