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If your current policy does not cover your personal belongings or the damage to your vehicle, then you may want to buy a separate policy to address your concerns related to the specific stereo system.

If you run a hospital or community radio service, there are certain insurance covers that you’ll need to have in place to ensure your operations are properly covered for all eventualities. Our team of insurance advisers can offer expert advice and guidance as they have a wide range of community and charity based organisations as longstanding clients.

Our standard insurance package for community and hospital radio services includes cover for buildings; contents including cover for property of employees, members and visitors; hired in property such as furniture and equipment; money cover including deception or false accounting by employees; business interruption; employers’ liability including volunteers; public and products liability; goods in transit and legal expenses.

The decision to invest in your car by installing new stereo or audio equipment can be a concern. You may assume that you need special audio insurance to pay for damages, repairs or the theft of the new system. Depending on your current coverage, you may or may not need additional protection.

Every auto insurance policy is different, so the details regarding your current coverage may play a role in the decision to purchase a separate policy. For example, if you have basic liability protection, then you may want to purchase a separate audio insurance policy to protect the new stereo from theft or damage. On the other hand, if you have a comprehensive plan, then it may already be covered.