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Stationery or Paper Products

which are instantly destroyed by a fire or flood. You can’t prevent these things from occurring, but with business property insurance as part of your paper products insurance bundle, you can recover from the loss and replace what was destroyed.

The Skyscraper insurance offers top quality letterhead, envelopes, and business cards in a wide selection of paper stocks. Printed in your choice of traditional flat printing or laser-safe raised printing at no additional charge, our personalized business stationery will ensure that your insurance agency stands out in the crowd.

Your choice in stationery speaks volumes about your agency. It is often the first impression of your brand and continues to be important throughout your relationships with your clients.

Professional, high quality, consistent stationery make your brand stronger and elevate the way people think about your agency.

A paper products sells an assortment of paper products and accessories. This typically includes greeting cards, stationary, pens, invitations, envelopes, printer paper, notebooks and accessories. Your paper product might also provide services like custom stationary or business card printing. Due to the type of materials you sell, one of your biggest business risks is that of fire or flood, which could destroy your products. Protect your business from these and other risks with paper products business insurance.

Multiple types of paper products insurance policies are available to protect you from various risks associated with your business. Choose from these essential paper products insurance policies:

Paper Products General Liability Insurance

General liability is a type of insurance coverage that includes three areas of coverage: premises liability, products liability and completed operations. Premises liability helps to cover risks associated with your customers being injured on your premises. For instance, if an envelope opener’s sharp side is sticking out on a shelf, the customer may not notice it and get injured from the sharp edge. This type of injury is covered by general liability insurance. Completed operations is for any type of loss or damage caused by services you provide, such as them experiencing turmoil if you make wedding invitation with the wrong information. Products liability is included in the general liability policy. Products liability is protection against any loss, damage or injury that your products cause the customer. If a customer buys a pen from you that leaks and damages their expensive outfit, you could be held responsible for these damages.

Paper Products Cyber Liability Insurance

If you have an online paper products, protect your business and employees with a cyber liability insurance policy. This type of policy is essential because cyber crimes occur everyday. If a customer is accessing your site and it is hacked while he or she is submitting their credit card number, the customer could get their financial information stolen by the hacker. They may choose to sue you for damages, but if you have cyber liability insurance, the financial and legal costs are covered.