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Sporting Goods/Athletic Equipment (incl. apparel)

Sporting goods stores at the retail level offer a wide range of sporting equipment, ranging from fitness equipment and protective gear to camping supplies and baseball bats. It can be a fun business, especially for individuals with a passion for outdoor activities and sports in general.

Sporting goods and fitness manufacturers, importers and distributors have unique insurance needs. Under the strict liability laws, these companies may be held legally liability for any bodily injury or property damage caused by the products put into the marketplace. Having the proper liability coverage are imperative to respond to claims and lawsuits brought against the company due to their products manufactured, imported, distributed or sold to the consumer. Damages awarded in product liability claims can be staggering and can put you out of business.

Be sure your highly valued Sporting Equipment  is Insured!

Did you know that your home insurance policy may only cover a small amount on your high-end sporting equipment?  And a claim for sports equipment could increase your home policy premiums.

Our specialist Sports Equipment Insurance / Sports Clothing & Personal Effect Insurance policy covers all of your personally owned sports & activity equipment against loss damage and theft, anywhere in world. (Including items belonging to partner / children). It automatically covers high-risk and extreme sports equipment too!

Coverage for sports equipment allows travelers a certain amount of compensation for stolen, damaged or lost equipment; however, some limits may apply. Always check with the insurance provider to determine if the coverage level is adequate.