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Whenever you interact with the public, it's a good idea to have General Liability Insurance. It's often called slip-and-fall insurance because it covers customer accidents and injuries. So if one of your clients trips and injures themselves while leaving the massage room, General Liability can help pay for their medical bills.

Day spas are wonderful businesses to own. You get to make nice profits while helping people take a break and feel good about themselves. Owning a day spa is both rewarding and stressful however. You must balance your customer’s needs, employee’s needs and business needs all while taking care of the day-to-day details. Relieve some of your ownership stress by making sure you’re not at risk for severe financial problems. Protect your company from everyday risks and hazards with small business insurance.

General Liability

General liability insurance provides you with broad protection for any number of unexpected hazards, risks and events. This insurance covers most things as long as they aren’t specifically excluded on your policy. It’s designed to protect both your day spa and your customers. So you won’t lose everything when accidents happen but your customers won’t either.

General Liability Insurance Includes:
  • Premises Liability – Premises liability protects you from accidents that happen on your business property. If a customer injures themselves at your day spa for example, or if their personal property is damaged while they’re there, this part of your general liability insurance will pay for the medical and repair bills.
  • Products Liability – Despite your best intentions, you may occasionally sell products at your day spa that bring harm to your customers. If this happens, your customers may sue your company. Products liability helps protect you from those lawsuits. It can pay for your legal defense fees, pay for the customer’s pain and suffering, damages, or medical bills, and pay settlement or judgments as well.
  • Completed Operations – Sometimes problems are not discovered until after services have been rendered. If, for example, your day spa provides deep muscle massages to your customers everything may seem fine right after the service has been completed. If the customer later discovers they were injured by those services, your completed operations coverage can protect you from the litigation expenses. It can also pay for your customer’s medical care and rehabilitation expenses.