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Snack Shops

Buildings insurance can be useful if you own the building at which your snack shop is based. This cover can provide financial protection if your business premises is damaged due to fire, flood, strong weather or is the target of vandalism.

Snack shops have long been a popular option for people looking to grab a quick lunch or convenient meal, making them a vibrant and busy place to work.

Yet alongside providing customers with great products and a welcoming atmosphere, snack shop owners also have other concerns that may seem tiresome but are still important for helping their business run smoothly.

One of these is ensuring your business is fully protected against potential risks through a tailored insurance package, designed to meet your particular requirements.

Public liability insurance can help with the financial expenses involved in defending against, and paying compensation for, claims from your customers that they have become injured or ill – or their property has been damaged – due to your business’s activities. It is important to make sure this cover includes work undertaken away from your snack shop if you regularly attend fairs or markets.

As a business serving food and drink, you are vulnerable to claims from the public that your product has caused food poisoning or other illness or injury to your customers. Whether your customer blames your sandwiches for causing them to become ill, or claim they have scalded themselves on unmarked hot food or drink, product liability insurance can provide financial assistance to defend against and pay compensation for these claims. Note that you may be liable for these claims regardless of whether the fault lies with you or one of your suppliers.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ staff at your snack shop – including chefs, waitresses and assistants. This applies to any workers employed on a temporary, casual or unpaid basis. Employers’ liability insurance can provide financial assistance if your employees claim to have been injured or suffered illness due to working with you. It is important to make sure this cover extends to when your employees are away from your business premises – such as making deliveries or representing your business at events.