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Slaughter Houses

Our risk management, comparable to risks of war, allows us to quickly respond and place this activity for which traditional insurers rightfully demonstrate little appetite.

Our business covers any slaughterhouse insurance, which companies are today tightly controlled because of unprofessional practices of some operators.
Slaughterhouses often comprise meat processing units or contract the meat processing to geographically close meat processors. They perform the cutting, packing, vacuum sealing and freezing activities.
All meat processors produce meat cuts. It is an intermediate product made up of muscles, fat, and connective tissue, from carcass cutting and boning. The cuts are part of the production such as minced meat, sausage products or industrial cooked meal.

Slaughterhouses generate quite substantial pollution risks as well as risks related to the cold-chain system and the consequences of any breakdown. We therefore had to cover a number of meat warehouses including EEC intervention warehouses.