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Our carpenters shop insurance policies can include both public liability and employer’s liability cover as we know that no matter how hard you try there is no way you can protect your employees all the time.

Great carpenters see potential everywhere. Whether you’re transforming an outdated kitchen with new cabinets, revolutionizing an empty hallway with beautiful bookcases, or bringing a yard to life with a new deck, you have a special ability to see what any space could be and turn that image into reality.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy being a carpenter; things don’t always go as planned, and you might sometimes wish you had someone in your corner. That’s where we come in.

Carpenter shop insurance offers you the protection you need to thrive. It does so by protecting your business in the case of accidents. Carpentry business insurance includes even the type of accidents you couldn’t have anticipated, such as if someone gets injured on a site you’re working on, or you accidentally damage a customer’s property while working in their home. By making sure you have carpenter general liability insurance, you can spend less time worrying about accidents that could happen, and more time working on your projects to be sure they succeed. Insurance for carpenters lets you show your customers that you’re serious, and lets you take on new and bigger projects, with the confidence of great carpentry liability insurance coverage behind you.

We know that figuring out self-employed carpenter shop insurance can be frustrating and confusing. And we know that you have options when it comes to where to buy your carpenters shop insurance, or even a variety of carpenters shop insurance services. We also know that you don’t have extra time or money to spend dealing with your business insurance, and figuring out the different types of insurance for carpenters.

That’s why we built our carpenters liability insurance around your needs, providing you with a policy that’s simpler, more affordable, and more tailored to your needs. With our policies, you’ll save money and get a lower deductible. You get your carpentry insurance policy online in just minutes, and you get just the coverage you need. Once you’re covered, you’re free to focus on building your dream, whatever form it takes. But don’t take our word for it; check out the reviews from professionals like you, who trusted us as their source of liability insurance for carpenters.

Many of our customers do multiple types of work; perhaps you do some carpentry one day, and then the next you’re installing flooring, or cutting the lawn. If you do different types of work, fill out the general contractor insurance application. You can tell us exactly what activities you do, and get coverage for them. If your work isn’t included there, it’s not eligible for coverage right now.