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Satellite Installation

Installing satellite equipment can be risky, considering that it involves getting on top of roofs every day. But the risks don't end with you; they also extend to your customers, since property damage is always a possibility.

Satellite installation handle telecommunication services, such as installing cable or satellite TV for residences and businesses, as well as telephone, data installation, and high-speed internet installation. This can be a satisfying career for individuals that have had proper education and training in the telecommunication field. Along with the success of their business, a satellite installer also has a number of risks to be wary of. Due to the nature of their job, installers of cable and satellite TV may be installing or upgrading services by accessing small crawl spaces and on ladders especially for installing satellite dishes. They may also risk harming themselves from electrical shorts or malfunction, as well as property damage to the residence or commercial building. Due to the many dangers of this occupation, cable and satellite installation insurance is essential to the success of the business.

Satellite installation you have many different insurance policies to choose from. In order to cover all of the risks you are exposed to with your chosen profession, it’s important to obtain the right types of insurance for full coverage.

One of the most comprehensive and beneficial insurance policies to have in satellite installation is general liability. General liability will do just as its name suggests; cover the majority of risks you have to contend with. This includes claims that may arise if a client’s property is damage, if a client sustains personal injury, and if you get a claim of negligence. For example, if you’re installing a satellite dish on a client’s balcony and during installation, there is some property damage, general liability insurance will cover the cost of damages.

Installing satellite can be a risky job in regards to personal injury so it’s important to obtain worker’s compensation insurance for your employees. It is required by law in many states because of its high level of importance. If you have worker’s compensation for your employees, any injuries they receive on the job will be covered by the policy. This means that if an employee falls of a ladder while installing satellite, their medical bills are covered by worker’s compensation.