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Retail Stores,

Whether you run a family florist or a high street fashion store, you need a shop insurance policy that can cover the risks you face. Retail insurance from Simply Business starts with public liability insurance so that you’re protected if someone makes a compensation claim against you.

Owning one or more retail stores puts you in an enviable position. You are able to control your personal income while providing goods and services that people want or need. You’re also able to employ other people in your store and give back to your community. As the owner of a retail store, you have a lot of responsibilities and details to keep track of. General liability insurance for retail stores helps with some of those.

Bodily Injury Coverage

General liability insurance for retail stores protects your store and its customers. Bodily injury is a section of that coverage that helps when accidents cause harm or injuries. If a customer trips over a vacuum cleaner cord in your store for example, is suffers physical injuries in the fall, this section of your insurance will pay for the medical care or treatment that they need.

Property Damage Coverage

Property damages is the area of your general liability insurance for retail stores that helps protect your customers from suffering losses and damages to their personal property. If a customer’s vehicle is dented by a shopping cart while at your store for example, this section of your insurance policy will pay to have that dent fixed.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

General liability insurance for retail stores also protects you legally and financially when things go wrong with the products you sell, or the services you offer. Anyone who manufacturers or sells products to customers is at risk of a lawsuit or other legal action when the product causes illness, injuries or other harm. Products and completed operations coverage is the section of your commercial general liability policy that protects you from the legal costs associated with these problems, while paying reparations to your customers as needed.