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A basic policy that is designed to protect the audio system can provide the coverage that you need to address most of your worries.

Being live on the air comes with a host of important responsibilities for all individuals involved as well as the company at large – and with responsibility comes liability.

For starters, radio, and recording studios are packed to the gills with expensive specialized equipment and gear that must be protected in the event of loss, damage, or theft. Plus, in the broadcasting industry, the onus is on your company to ensure the true and accurate diffusion of information. If a lawsuit accusing your station/network of libel, slander, or false information is headed your way, an insurance policy should be your first line of defense.

Between protecting your assets, employees, and third-party considerations, radio and television studio insurance is an essential component of any company’s operations. The experts at Skyscraper insurance can help you explore your coverage options in detail, and select a policy that suits your personal situation.

The decision to invest in your car by installing new stereo or audio equipment can be a concern. You may assume that you need special audio insurance to pay for damages, repairs or the theft of the new system. Depending on your current coverage, you may or may not need additional protection.