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Precision Machined Parts

Our insurance programs strive to provide specialized coverage's for the metal working industry. Specifically machine shops, and other metal goods component manufacturing companies.

Owning a vending machine operator business allows you to set your own schedule and work as little or as often as you’d like. As long as your customers are happy and your vending machines stay filled with a good selection of products, you’re able to earn a nice living while spending your time doing other things. Whether you operate your company personally or you let most tasks be handled by employees, you need to protect the assets you have by carrying general liability insurance for vending machine operators.

Bodily Injury Coverage

General liability insurance for vending machine operators helps protect your company if a customer is ever injured because of your machines. This coverage, known as bodily injury insurance, is the portion of your general liability policy that will pay for a customer’s medical expenses if they are injured at or because of your company.

Property Damage Coverage

Property damages protection is the portion of your general liability insurance that will protect you legally and financially when a customer’s personal property is damaged because of your company. If for example, one of your vending machines has an electrical short and causes a structure fire, this section of your vending machine operators general liability insurance will pay for the repairs.

If you’re in an accident and have damage that needs to be repaired or a part that needs to be replaced, you may assume that the body shop you choose will order a shiny new part straight from the manufacturer of your vehicle before making the repairs — but if you’re filing an insurance claim or looking to save money, this is unlikely to be the case.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Since you sell products from your vending machines, your company is at risk of being sued. If a product that you sell causes injuries or harm, or causes a customer to become ill, the products and completed operations section of your general liability policy will pay to help make them well again.