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Political Offices

Skyscraper insurance's political offices insurance covers investors, and other firms with exposure in emerging markets from risks that can potentially end their operation including expropriation, political violence, contract frustration, and non-honoring of sovereign or state-owned enterprise debt.

Emerging markets can offer great opportunity for investors, but these same markets can also pose a variety of political risks. Among them:

  • War, civil strife, coups and other acts of politically-motivated violence, including terrorism
  • Expropriation, including abrogation, repudiation, and/or impairment of contract and other improper host government interference
  • Restrictions on the conversion and transfer of local-currency earnings

Skyscraper insurance’s political offices insurance – often in combination with financing – allows businesses to take advantage of commercially attractive opportunities in emerging markets, mitigating risk and helping them compete in a global marketplace.

Skyscraper insurance’s insurance provides innovative, comprehensive, and cost effective risk-mitigation products to cover losses to tangible assets, investment value, and earnings that result from political perils.

Over and above the largely standardized cover offered by the state, the private insurance market offers the following solutions and options:

  • Insurance of selected individual risks
  • Individualized cover
  • Calculation of risk-appropriate premiums
  • Willingness to cover unconventional risks
  • Independence of national restrictions

In its standard form political offices Insurance provides protection against a number of defined political risk events including but not limited to: war, political violence, expropriation, currency in convertibility and breach of contract by sovereign entities. However, as a result of the continuing influx of capital into the insurance market as a whole and the political offices space specifically, there is a trend towards innovation and tailored solutions. For example, we now offer cover to insure the market value of an investment.