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Plumbing – Residential or Domestic

There are a number of clauses in your policy that cover plumbing repair and residual damage in the event that there’s an accidental discharge in your home.

There’s a complicated network of pipes, lines, valves and drains that make up your home’s plumbing system. All these parts can get clogged and break as they age and it’s your responsibility to fix these problems. Plus, most pipes and drains sit behind your walls, making it more difficult to know when something will go wrong. When problems do occur, leaks and clogged drains need to be fixed quickly before they cause flooding and water damage to your home.

Residential and domestic plumbing contractors face unique small business risks related to the work they do installing and repairing the pipes that keep water running to fixtures, faucets and heating systems. In addition to the specialized risks, you also manage the typical risks most small business owners face, like property damage to your shop or loss of important business records. Learn about the insurance coverage plumbing businesses like yours typically need, and most often purchase, from Skyscraper insurance.

Business Owner’s Policy

Most plumbing contractors have a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). Why? Because it protects a residential or domestic plumbing business in much the same way a homeowner’s insurance policy protects the home and personal possessions of individuals and families.
By combining three basic insurance coverage’s that are important to nearly every small business, including plumbing contractors, a Business Owner’s Policy can help provide you cost savings on insurance rates while protecting your business.
  1. General Liability – helps protect plumbers from certain lawsuits alleging injuries or property damage that occurred as the result of your business operations, like if a customer visiting your shop bumps their head on an overhang and is injured, or an employee causes damage to a customer’s property while making a service call. It even helps cover certain claims of slander and libel. Business Liability insurance does not cover liabilities directly arising out of the professional plumbing services you may provide.
  2. Commercial Property – helps protect the place where plumbers run their business and the tools and equipment they use to conduct business, from wrenches and torches to office computers – whether leased or owned.
  3. Business Income – helps cover the loss of income when you can’t run your plumbing business because of covered property damage.