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Plumbers’ Supplies

If you operate or planning to own a plumbing supply, you should take an insurance policy that will cover you against the many risks that you face. This kind of business is highly susceptible to many risks due to the many different exposures involved with the business activities.

If you own and operate a plumbing supplies, you are susceptible to a variety of risks. The products you sell include pipe fittings and pipes, plumbing tools, faucets, cabinets, sinks, shower units, bathtubs and many other tools or accessories. You are at risk for theft, vandalism and property damage from things like natural disasters, fire and extreme weather conditions. If you want to protect your business, start by getting plumbing supplies and plumbing fixtures business insurance.

To properly protect your business and assets, you need business insurance for each area of business risks. These are the most important ones to consider:

Plumbing Supplies and General Liability Insurance

The first policy most businesses get is general liability. Your plumbing supplies and benefit from it by getting coverage for products liability, premises liability and completed operations. If a customer is inspecting items on your shelves, and a hazardous chemical spills, they could become ill from this spill. Premises liability is going to cover any medical or legal costs. Completed operations is for any services you provide, such as if you install sinks or bathtubs, or provide plumbing services.

Plumbing Supplies Commercial Auto Insurance

The bottom line is that you need a business auto insurance policy if you use your own vehicle for business errands, It covers bodily injury, property damage, theft and vandalism, depending on the type of policy you get. If you are hit from the side by another vehicle, the damage to your car and any bodily injuries are going to be covered by the commercial auto policy.

Plumbing Supplies and Business Property Insurance

Your plumbing supplies is particularly susceptible to wiring, electrical equipment and overheating risks. These can cause fire in your building, as well as damage from other unexpected events like natural disasters or flood. Your products are at risk for damage from unexpected events, as well as the building structure itself. The best way to protect your business from these occurrences is with business property insurance.

The products you sell include plumbing tools, pipe fittings and pipes, cabinets, sinks, shower units, faucets, bathtubs and many others. Besides, you face the risk of theft, vandalism and property damage resulting from natural disasters, fire, or extreme weather conditions. To protect your business and assets from such perils, you need to obtain a plumbing supplies insurance for each area of the business risks.