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Photography Equipment

An insurance agent will generally need each item you want insured listed individually with make, model, serial number and value. This list will need to be maintained as you acquire and sell your equipment.

For some photographers, the focus is on families, brides, graduates and life’s most special moments. Others create evocative images for advertising and marketing, presenting the client’s product or service in the very best light. Whatever the subject, we know you take your work and tools very seriously.

From studio space to the latest cameras, lenses and editing hardware and software, you’ve made a serious investment in your profession. So it’s important to protect this investment with professional photographers insurance from Nationwide. Whether you operate out of your home or a studio, our photography business insurance can be tailored to your specific situation.

When photography equipment is damaged or stolen what do you do? Ultimately your camera equipment insurance policy should provide the necessary coverage to replace your equipment; however it can take weeks, to get insurance claims paid out. So what do you do in the meantime?

If you intend to continue your business, you need to resume operations as quickly as possible, and that work requires new equipment.  Newly acquired equipment coverage provides reimbursement for any costs that you incur to replace gear that has been stolen or damaged. Newly acquired equipment coverage is not automatically included on a photographer insurance policy. Make sure your photography equipment insurance policy includes extra expense newly acquired equipment coverage.