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Pharmacies/Drug Stores

A Pharmacy BOP Insurance Policy, or Pharmacy Business Owners Insurance Policy is a package policy typically combining General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance.

Your most important job each day is caring for customers, helping them get the right medication and supplies and making sure that your staff treats them with professionalism and attention to detail. Customized business insurance helps give you the reassurance that if anything goes awry in your business, you can quickly get back to your core business of serving customers.

Whether you’re based in a care facility, run a community program, or work as a consultant, here are some business insurance coverages to consider for your pharmacy or drug store:

General liability coverage:

This coverage helps protect your pharmacy or drug store’s financial assets. It may also help pay for medical costs and other covered costs if a vendor, customer, or anyone else suffers an injury or damages while in your drugstore or pharmacy and you’re liable. An example could be a delivery left in an awkward place, which causes a customer to slip, fall, and sustain an injury.

Data compromise coverage:

Because health-related businesses like pharmacies and drug stores must store a great deal of confidential patient information in electronic files, your customers could be at risk for identity theft or fraud if your system is ever penetrated by criminals.This insurance can reimburse you if you incur charges related to notifying your patients of a breach, offering them credit-monitoring services, recovering your own damaged electronic data and more.