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Pets and Supplies

Pet insurance reimburses you on your veterinary bills when your dog or cat gets sick or injured.Pet insurance helps you afford the best course of treatment, protects against major financial setbacks, and can give you peace of mind as a pet parent.

Your pet supply store or pet shop is a mecca for animal enthusiasts. Your clients come to your shop for the specialty pet foods, crates, aquariums, birdcages, clothing, and bedding – all the trappings they need to keep their pets healthy and comfortable. And depending on your services, your customers may visit expressly to find a new animal companion to join their home.

But working with animals and their owners comes with certain risks, especially if you offer services such as obedience training for pups. Someone could get hurt and hold your business responsible. Or you may sell a faulty product that harms someone’s beloved pet – and you could end up paying millions in settlement fees when that person sues your business.

Pet insurance has grown in popularity in recent years, as veterinary bills, like medical bills for humans, grow increasingly costly. But what is pet insurance exactly, and is it something you should consider for your pet?