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Painting, Pictures, or Frames

Frame Dimensions specializes in the cleaning, repair and restoration of art and frames that have been damaged by natural disasters or accidents.We are dedicated to helping our clients recover and restore their treasured art and frames.

Standard policies are important when opening an art and framing business, including public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. If you take on staff, you’ll also need employer’s liability insurance.

Bear in mind that if you are dealing with very valuable works of art, your standard insurance policy may not cover repair or replacement costs. Make sure you read your policy carefully or deal with a specialist insurer that can advise you on the most suitable policy to take out.

Art and framing businesses have lost ground due to the growth of internet retailers, but there’s still a market. The key is your expertise; it’s unlikely you’ll be able to beat internet retailers on price, but luckily for you framing is an exact science. People are wary of buying frames that they aren’t sure will fit their photographs, and you can use this to your advantage.