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Painting – Interior or Exterior

Painting insurance protects against a variety of common risks including paint spills, falls, broken windows, or almost anything else that could result in injury or costly property damage. A single incident might be difficult.

Do You Have Better Things to Do on Your Weekend..?

Of Course You do!  If you have you ever done any painting around the house …and it’s taken 3 months to get it done – then you know it’s time to call Powerhouse Painting and let us take care of your painting project so you can chill out and enjoy your weekends!

What does insurance painting from Painting involve?

  • Detailed quotes for insurance companies
  • Free color matches or consultation
  • House wash, prior to exterior painting
  • Making repairs if needed i.e. plastering, replacing damaged timber, repairing related surfaces etc.
  • Responsible care for your property
  • Full inspection and finishing touches
  • Trade qualified painters and plasterers

Interior Painting Specialists

When working with interiors we help you consider the following:

  • The purpose of each room
  • Furniture placement
  • How each room fits in with the home’s overall look

Armed with this knowledge, you and your assigned interior painter can drastically transform your home, one room at a time. Each space will have its own unique feel while also adding to a unified aesthetic that will amaze you day after day.

One example of the questions you’ll be asked as you seek out a quote for painting insurance for outdoor painting is, “How high up do you go?” It should be obvious that the reason for this is that you (or an employee) can fall as far down as you go up. Risk assessment is a big part of determining the extent of your needs, and the questions you’re asked are to determine the scope of your exposures.

Any contracting done inside a home or place of business poses unique risks, and interior painting is no exception. No matter what the skill level of a painter is, accidents happen, and the surroundings they happen in can make a big difference in the type of insurance coverage you require. Whether or not you engage in mostly residential or commercial interior painting will make a difference in the painting insurance that will best suit you.

The method of painting you utilize will come up, as well; whether or not you use brushes or spray guns has an impact on the type of coverage you need.

Certain aspects of painting insurance will be the same no matter what your specific process or whether you specialize in interior or exterior work. Some standard coverage’s include:

  • General Liability.
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Auto.

Talking to an experienced insurance professional who understands your business is key. Preparing for the questions you’ll be asked (“How many employees do you have?” “What are your annual gross receipts?”) will streamline the process and help you determine which plan fits your needs.