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Paint, Wall Paper, or Wall Covering

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in interior or exterior painting or interior wall covering. The work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs.

Getting the best deal on your paint and wallpaper shop insurance means not only obtaining the best price from a range of insurance companies but also making sure that the cover is right for you. Our on-line paint and wallpaper shop insurance insurance services offers you access to great deals on retailers from or leading retail insurance providers and insurers.

A painting and wallpaper supplies store is a great investment for anyone with a passion for home decor and creating new styles. As an owner of this type of store, you’ll supply everything a customer needs for painting and wallpapering their home or office, as well as providing other services, such as painting consulting, and classes for beginner painters or wall paper hangers.  If you are a painting and wallpaper supplies store business owner, you should take note of possible risks, which include an injury to a customer from a misplaced can of paint, theft of money or supplies in your storage, or damage caused by a flood. To continue running a successful shop, be sure to obtain painting and wallpaper supplies store insurance.

Statues, antique furniture, fine art, musical instruments and other important collectibles are classified as assets. If you are a corporate collector, individual collector, fine art dealers, antique dealers or if you have museums or hold art exhibitions, it makes sense to go with art insurance to provide comprehensive protection to the insured property against losses or damages.

In the case of art insurance, the property in transit is covered on a ‘wall to wall’ basis. The insured property is covered on ‘wall to wall basis’ if it is transported for display, including storage of items, within the territorial limits as given in the schedule for business activity.