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Overhead/Garage Door Installers

If you own a garage doors installation company, you need workers compensation insurance. Workers' compensation covers claims that arise when one or more of your employees is injured at work.

Garage door installers are skilled and experienced at installing a variety of garage doors for residences and some businesses that offer private garages for storage or other uses. If this is the career you have chosen, you install the door along with other building structures, including trim, hardware, frames, and windows for the garage door. Due to the tools and materials you work with, you will have a number of risks associated with your profession, including accidents and bodily injury, defective garage doors, structure damage, and other risk exposures. Garage door installers insurance is required in order to protect financial assets in the case of an unexpected circumstance leading to lawsuits or medical treatments.

Garage Door Installers General Liability Insurance

If you’re a garage door installer and choose just one type of insurance, general liability should be your first option. General liability insurance is the most basic type of insurance for garage door installers, as it covers a variety of areas such as the ones listed below:

  • Products Liability – Any products used for installing the garage door as well as the door itself are covered by products liability. If, after you have installed the garage door, your customer has a problem with these products, such as defective hardware that caused the garage door to stop working or even cause damage to one of the residences, products liability covers the cost of damages.
  • Premises Liability – You more than likely have a physical office for your garage door installing business. If a customer gets injured while on your premises, the cost of damages or lawsuits are covered by premises liability. For example, if a customer falls and is injured while they are in your office, premises liability covers the cost of medical care.
  • Completed Operations – Completed operations is an additional portion of general liability that lasts after the garage door has been installed. If something happens after it has been installed that causes the customer harm, such as a faulty frame that falls off and causes bodily injury, the costs are covered by completed operations.

Garage Door Installers Business Owners Policy

As a garage door installer, you may want additional coverage for a variety of other risks not covered under general liability. A business owner’s policy (BOP) is a package policy that is customized with different coverage’s according to your expected risks. Possible risk exposures covered under a BOP include electronic data that may be destroyed in an unforeseen event such as flood or fire, business income. Other exposures include incurring additional expense should you have to miss work because of your building being repaired, buildings and contents if a natural disaster causes damage to your office, and employee dishonesty coverage in the case of a worker committing theft or vandalism.

Garage Door Installers Business Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance is an important policy to acquire when you are driving your vehicle for business purposes, such as driving to the home of where the garage door will be installed. If during this trip, you get into a car accident, the damages to your vehicle, contents that was destroyed, and bodily injuries, are covered by business auto. Most business auto policies also cover theft or vandalism.