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Nursing Home Insurances

As a nursing home, your business employs a caring and professional staff. With nursing home insurance, you can allow your staff to do their jobs with the peace of mind that comes with an insurance policy from Skyscraper insurance.

How to Get Insurance for a Nursing Home

 There are two kinds of insurance when it comes to looking into nursing home insurance:

  1. Insuring your personal belongings and/or liability when you live in a nursing home
  2. Purchasing insurance that will help you cover the costs of living in a nursing home if you ever need to live in one

These are two different kinds of insurance that are useful to know about as you plan for the unexpected, or need to make a move into a nursing home for either yourself, your spouse or your parents.

 2 Kinds of Nursing Home Insurance

With both types of nursing home insurance, there are ways that can help you save money, and also make smart planning choices for the future. This article covers an overview of these various insurance coverage’s for covering you in a nursing home.

Insuring Personal Belongings in a Nursing Home

When you move into a nursing home you usually get rid of a lot of the contents of your home because you are moving into a smaller space. Often times you may give items to family members, or sell items at the time you sell you home. The things that you keep when moving into a nursing home will often be the items you most cherish so it’s important to know what might happen if you have an insurance claim due to someone stealing your personal belongings or contents of your new residence or other perils like a fire.

Getting Liability Insurance in a Nursing Home

If you move into a nursing home, you may be asked to purchase liability insurance in the same way tenants are asked to purchase renters insurance, or condo owners may be required to carry liability insurance. The reason for this is that as a resident in the nursing home you may become liable for damages caused by your activity there or actions. If you purchase insurance for your contents in the nursing home ask the same insurer about the liability. It may be included.

Liability for Parents in a Nursing Home

If you are looking for liability for parents in a nursing home, then ask your insurance representative if the liability is covered, or if they can offer an extension of liability to cover your parents in the nursing home. Do not assume it is automatically covered.