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Multi-family Buildings

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We at Skyscraper Insurance have an in-depth knowledge of all things real estate insurance. We possess a unique understanding of all the intricate details, of all the ins and outs of the commercial building insurance field, due to years of experience on the ground. We have worked extensively with all the players on the real estate insurance market, including landlords, real estate owners, managers, and investors, as well as the top underwriters at all major insurance carriers. Skyscraper’s team will put our unique expertise and specialized knowledge to use to customize a commercial building insurance policy that accurately fits your building’s needs.
A commercial building insurance policy is an insurance policy that insures businesses against losses such as a fire to their buildings and their contents. Some of our policies also cover loss of income or increase in expenses that result from the property damage. Skyscraper also provides instant and speedy certificates of insurance to banks for new closings and refinances. We at Skyscraper will stop at nothing to deliver optimum results in an efficient and cost effective manner