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Movie Shoot

Movie shoot insurance is probably one of the most important things a filmmaker needs to take into consideration before shooting the project. Why get insurance for your project? Essentially, there are three reasons: Legal, Contractual and Asset Protection.

Film production today is often much more involved than shooting scenes on a darkened stage with a wooden set as a backdrop. Many producers take movie shoots on location in order to tell authentic stories.

When you are filming on location comes with added risks, as the process can expose your equipment, crew, cast and even the location to potential liability concerns. That’s why having entertainment insurance is so important.

Entertainment insurance has various coverage options that can cover different aspects of location work. Let’s take a closer look at what these coverage options entail.

Travel Accident and Travel Interruption Insurance

These coverage’s can help in the event of problems with your mode of transportation. If an airline cancels your flight, or if the flight diverts, a travel insurance policy can help. You may receive reimbursement for the re-booking costs.

Specialized Auto Liability

Transporting cast, crew and equipment can be risky and expensive in the event of an accident. Specialized auto liability coverage helps add a layer of protection.

Foreign Coverage

If you film out of the country, added risks can impact security and safety. Foreign coverage can help cover any potential problems.

Civil Authority and Commotion Coverage

This coverage helps if local authorities refuse access to a location for unforeseen reasons. It can also help if unforeseen civil events inhibit your ability to work on location. This covers any lost profits.