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We didn’t become the best motorcycle insurance provider by just giving our riders “the basics.” You’re passionate about your bike, so we dig deeper to offer a wide range of coverage's.

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Motorcycle enthusiasts love the thrill of the open road. As fun as motorcycling is, it is not without its risks. There are unique risks involving motorcycles and accidents can be very serious. This is why it is important to have the proper protection against losses caused by physical injuries, property damage and more through a motorcycle insurance policy. You need a company that understands the unique risks of motorcycle accidents. To help, we put together some of the best motorcycle insurance policies currently on the market.

Determining the average cost of motorcycle insurance is not an easy task. So many variables go into determining the cost it is hard to pinpoint what you might be looking at for the overall cost. What motorcycle you insure, what coverage you select, your driving record and your age are only a portion of the variables that go into calculating the cost of your insurance. Take a look at a few different scenarios and the average cost of motorcycle insurance for each.