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Metal Products

You can protect your operations, products and employees with a variety of metal products insurance policies tailored to your needs.

Owning a metal product business comes with its rewards and risks. Obtaining coverage geared specifically for manufacturing can mean the difference between financial loss and financial security for your business and the employees that rely on you. From meeting the needs of metal product general liability insurance to a comprehensive and well planned out metal product business insurance (BOP) that covers everything else you need to keep your business working, all of your insurance needs can be easily met right here.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Despite good business habits, the risk is always there for an accident in the shop or even a bad reaction due to a product you make. This portion of your liability coverage goes into effect if, for example, a product your company manufactures causes a physical reaction or even mental suffering.

Medical Payments

In the unfortunate situation that bodily injury would result in medical or funeral expenses, metal product manufacturer liability insurance reimburses without regard to the insurance carrier’s liability if the conditions of the situation fall within particular coverage stated in the policy.

Property Damage

Property damage is a portion of liability that protects you in the event your company damages property, whether you are delivering product to a client’s home, for example, or if an employee or anyone representing your company damages property at the site of your business as well. In these instances, you will be covered for financial and legal expenses.

Fire Legal Liability

Garages and buildings that you occupy as the business owner of your metal product company will be covered typically as an exception to policy exclusions that are applicable to property that is in your care, custody, or control (CCC). The (CGL), or standard commercial general liability policy, provides coverage of fire legal liability that is subject to a limit under the “damage to premises rented to you”.