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Medical Marijuana Collectives

If you are the operator of a Medical Marijuana, or the owner of a building occupied by a medical marijuana dispensary, we can provide you with insurance coverage for your property and business operations.

Skyscraper insurance can provide you with the protection you need, protecting you from risk if your business undergoes some type of misfortune.

It’s a common misconception that legal marijuana insurance is very expensive and unattainable, but it is actually very reasonably priced. We can provide you with many types of insurance coverage, including:

  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Property
  • Medicine
  • Business income/extra expense

These aspects make our legal marijuana insurance coverage comprehensive, which will help your business stay on its feet should some type of calamity or unfortunate event arise.

General Liability

We can offer you general liability insurance protection up to $5 million. This will help your company protect itself inclusively and includes damages and injuries, which is especially important when it comes to finding a good medical marijuana insurance plan. General liability is almost certainly required by your landlord, and as the state laws continue to adjust and new rules and regulations are written, it is becoming a requirement for state licenses.

Property Protection

Protecting your business’s property is very important. We can provide you with property protection to restore your business’ inventory, furniture, fixtures and equipment and cover tenant improvements,  just to name a few. Purchasing a medical marijuana insurance plan will help you get back on your feet much quicker and easier in the event of property damage.

Medicine Coverage

Skyscraper insurance can provide your cannabis dispensary with inventory coverage against risks such as fire and theft.  We also offer insurance coverage during the risky time when your product is in transit from the cultivation facility to your dispensary.

Business Income/Extra Expense Insurance

Our marijuana insurance also covers your business’ income and additional expenditures. When we talk about “business income,” we mean the net income that you would have realized if your business hadn’t suffered fire, theft or another covered claim. This can also include the extra expenses faced by your business in the event that you must move it to another location.

Product Liability

How many times have you heard of businesses getting sued due to unexpected reactions to their products? How many patients have tried to sue different companies by making claims that certain medicines have affected them negatively? Unfortunately, this is all too common. Sometimes, even false claims end up winning.