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Media Liability

Media liability provides protection from lawsuits that result from issues such as slander, libel, copyright infringement or even piracy. It is something you absolutely need if you are involved in the media world.

Media liability insurance is a specialized form of errors and omissions policy specifically designed for media clients who are at risk from liability claims brought by third parties. This type of policy is usually purchased by publishers, broadcasters, advertising agencies, authors, and other related firms that create and distribute media content through various platforms.

Typically written on a claim made basis, media liability insurance provides coverage against defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism, intentional torts and related liabilities. Whether you are an online blogger, film producer, advertising company, news publisher, digital marketing company, or social media influencer, a media liability policy protects you from claim types that are unique to media professionals and for which you can be held financially responsible.

Who should buy Media Liability Insurance?

Media creators produce the shows we watch, the books we read, the music we love, the web content we read or stream, and more.

But behind the craftsmanship, media makers and entertainers often face liabilities that could lead to steep defense costs and the risk of a liability judgment. Things like libel, slander, intellectual property claims and similar issues are very common in the industry.

To protect the interest of publishers, broadcasters, producers, creators, and agencies, obtaining the right liability insurance is essential. This is where a media liability policy becomes extremely helpful, by providing coverage specifically designed for the unique needs of media producers. If your business deals with the following activities or have a direct relation with these industries, then having media liability insurance is highly recommended:

  • Film and program producer
  • Film, program, video and home entertainment distributor
  • Publisher
  • Author
  • Radio, cable and television broadcaster
  • Spokesperson
  • Advertising agency
  • Magazine, newspaper and book publisher
  • Cable operator

What is covered by Media Liability Insurance?

Depending on coverage offered, not all media liability policies are created equal. Insurers’ policies often vary while some businesses need a customized plan to suit their specific requirements. Media liability coverage includes the following but may not be limited to:

Defamation – often arising from false information, defamation is damaging another person, product, group, or business reputation. When false statements are verbalized, they are called slander. But when they are printed in words or images, it is then classified as libel.

Plagiarism – defined as the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s original work. Because ideas are often similar in some ways, plagiarism is a possible media liability claim that media creators can face. Even if there is no copyright, as long as it is proven that the content is made by someone else, you can be held legally responsible for using content without authorization or creating substantially similar content.

Copyright Infringement – if you reproduce, distribute, perform, or display a protected work without permission, you are violating the exclusive rights of the copyright holder. Just like plagiarism, copyright infringement is a common risk in the world of media and entertainment.