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Meat Products

Our coverage recommendations are based on what is necessary to maintain a sustainable meat product business, free from the financial ramifications of loss. From content coverage to employee sickness coverage, our agents have access to the right protection for your agribusiness.

Skyscraper Insurance designed the Meat Products Insurance Program to meet the needs of the Meat Products nationwide. This comprehensive program provides Property, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Product Recall, and Commercial Umbrella coverage options.

Cutting through risk is a challenge consistent amongst meat products. Whether protecting an investment in machinery or safeguarding against liability lawsuits, insurance coverage is an essential investment for meat products to pack for long-term prosperity.

Proper handling and storage are two of the most vital processes undertaken by staff once meat orders arrive at their point of sale. Because food borne illnesses have not been fully eradicated yet, and food storage is often subject to human error, rigid procedures need to be followed to ensure that all products arriving for sale are checked, refrigerated immediately, and stored correctly.