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You need to work with an experienced independent insurance agent who can help you evaluate and calculate how much and what type of coverage you need for your plant, equipment and inventory.

Mattress manufacturers produce a variety of mattress sizes and types in a dangerous and highly flammable environment. You may handle a wide range of products and materials in your facility – such as fabrics, foams and wires – using large, expensive and dangerous equipment to cut, sew and fashion your product.

Your plant and the items inside are highly susceptible to fire and other perils, while your employees may be in harm’s way on a daily basis.

Mattress manufacturers need a comprehensive manufacturing insurance program designed to address their unique needs. While your employees face work-related injuries and illnesses, you are also susceptible to equipment breakdown, product defects, fire, weather and other types of interruptions, such as the following:

  • Employee safety concerns (burns, machinery dangers, slips and falls, etc.)
  • Equipment and building damage due to accidents, fire, theft, weather and other natural disasters
  • Machinery and equipment breakdown
  • Business interruption due to accidents, fire, natural disasters, machinery breakdown, utility interruption and more
  • Damage to products in transit
  • Product defects and recalls

Mattress manufacturers have numerous flammable materials on hand as well valuable parts and inventory. Your buildings, equipment and inventory are susceptible to fire, theft, vandalism and natural disasters.

  • Commercial property insurance protects your building and other property in the event of a covered loss, such as fire, vandalism, smoke or theft. It provides coverage for lost inventory, industrial equipment and machinery, warehouses and office space, office equipment, computers, and more. It may also provide coverage for neighboring facilities and completed products housed on your premises.
  • Business interruption coverage, or business income coverage, protects your earnings and helps to pay expenses if your business is unable to operate because of damage caused by some type of covered disruption (fire, hail, wind, equipment breakdown). You can even include coverage for breakdowns in utility services (water, electrical) that force you to temporarily close your doors.