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Marine Appraisers or Surveyors

Chances are if you’ve been working with the marine insurance market for some time, the term “marine surveyor” may not be unfamiliar to you.

Those purchasing vessels of all kinds rely on the expertise of marine surveys to support their decision to invest in a specific boat. A marine survey gives them a better idea of what they’re purchasing, if the vessel is seaworthy, in need of repairs – if it’s deficient and could potentially cause harm physically and financially and what is needed to maintain the vessel in the future. Buying marine survey is buying peace of mind.

Why does a marine surveyor need liability insurance?

As a marine surveyor you are exposed to the possibility of legal action being taken against you in respect of your legal responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising during the course of your activities. Claims in respect of these liabilities can be expensive to defend and even more costly if you are found legally liable. Your marine surveyors liability insurance is there to protect you against these losses by providing you with insurance in respect of awards made against you and the defence costs of any claim.