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Our livestock policy provides all risks cover for specified animals and whole herds as a result of loss, destruction, damage, death, injury, illness and disease.

Livestock insurance is a coverage for farmers which may cover cattle or other livestock in the event of illness or other accidents. Since your livestock represent a portion of your livelihood, having the right coverage for your farm is critical. There are several ways to include livestock insurance in your farm policy, which are covered below.

Individual coverage

One way is to schedule each animal individually. Listing animals individually may be the right option if you have higher-valued animals you want to cover up to a specific dollar amount. They can be identified in whatever manner you use on your farm or ranch – ear tag number, name or unique description.

Blanket coverage

Another way is to cover your livestock as part of a blanket policy. With a blanket policy, all of your farm property (livestock, equipment, structures, etc.) are insured in one lump sum amount. If you’re using blanket insurance, it’s important to insure to adequate values. Being under-insured may result in receiving a lower claim payment than you need or expect.

Herd coverage

The most common way to cover livestock is to insure them as a herd.

Cattle and livestock are very valuable assets for the farmers. Farmers maintain the health of their animals by preventive vaccinations, proper treatments, feeding nutritious food and giving hygienic conditions of stabling. However there is still a possibility of death or disablement of cattle or livestock due to diseases and accidents. Cattle and livestock insurance helps protect the farmers from their financial loss due to loss of their animal.

Farms, ranches and other businesses that raise or house livestock may lose money if the animals are injured or die due to accidents or disease. They can protect themselves against the loss of valuable animals by purchasing livestock insurance. This insurance is typically used to cover domesticated animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses.

There are several types of livestock insurance. The kind of coverage a business needs depends on the varieties of animals it owns and the purpose they serve. A large feedlot needs different coverage’s than a farm that owns a few cows.