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Liquefied Petroleum Gas

If you would like a professional appraisal of your Insurance demands and needs for LPG Insurance then contact Skyscraper insurance today and let the experts handle it for you! We have experience gained over many years in the industry so are well placed to help you regarding your individual insurance requirements.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Business Insurance policies are a very specialised Insurance product, indeed there are very few specialist Brokers who cater for this specific type of specific cover within the insurance industry.

There are various covers required for LPG storage and distribution Insurance namely Public Liability, Employers Liability, Goods In Transit Insurance, Pollution of third party property Insurance, Stock Insurance, Office insurance and a great many others, the list is endless!

LPG needs complex cover

We have many LPG companies as clients some of which we have had a working relationship for many years, they are clients as they know we are experts in this particular field, and have many years of handling the complex LPG risks that they have grown to trust our advice.

Why do we need specialist Insurance? Well many Insurance companies may not offer the specific extensions of cover such as third party pollution or contamination which can have huge costs involved if your product accidentally pollute or contaminates a third party property or water supply then this may lead to their productivity being affected and the knock on effect would be a financial loss to their business and they in turn would look to you and your Insurance to cover this and any other loss incurred.

Standard combined insurance may not provide the cover you need

Wouldn’t a standard Commercial Combined Insurance cover this? The answer is it may do but unless the Insurer is comfortable with your business activities and has noted them on the schedule then they may not offer this cover and most will certainly not have the clean-up policies etc. that we can offer under our Industry specific covers.