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Lamps/Lighting Fixtures

Lamps and lighting fixtures stores are favorite shopping places for home owners. Whether your customers are decorating a new home or redecorating one they’ve lived in for years, they visit your store to purchase their lamps and lighting fixtures. As the owner of the store, you are responsible for making sure those customers are safe and satisfied while they’re there.

Lighting fixture carry a multitude items, including floor lamps, desk lamps, table lamps, work lamps, different types of light bulbs, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures. Many lighting fixture supply stores also have repair services and installation services. This type of business has a number of risks, including theft, vandalism, business property and general liability, among others. Protect your business with lighting fixture insurance.

Types of Lighting Fixture Insurance

You need to be prepared for different types of risks, by choosing different types of insurance policies. The following policies are the most vital for a lighting fixture and lamp:

Lighting Fixture General Liability Insurance

General liability is one of the most essential insurance policies to get for your business. It covers premises liability, product liability and completed operations. Premises liability is for any accidents or injuries that occur in your store, such as a customer getting their hand cut on a light that has broken, or slipping on freshly waxed floors. Completed operations is coverage for any damage caused by the services you provide, such as installing a chandelier which subsequently causes damage after it is put to use.

Lighting Fixture Product Liability Insurance

Product liability offers coverage for any damage or loss caused by the products you sell. This could be a floor lamp that malfunctions and breaks, causing damage to a nearby curtain, or a light bulb that shatters and injures the customer. These types of risks may be covered by product liability insurance.

Lighting Fixture Commercial Auto Insurance

As an integral component of your lighting fixture insurance protection, a business auto insurance policy is ideal if you use your own vehicle for business errands. This could be picking up supplies, making deliveries, meeting a vendor or attending a local trade show. If you get your car vandalized or broken into, or get into an accident, the resulting damage or bodily injuries are covered by your business auto insurance policy.