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Janitorial Supplies

If providing janitorial services is just one of many things that your small business offers, then you may also be interested in learning more about these other types of insurance that Skyscraper insurance provides:

If you are a janitor regularly working on-site at customers’ offices and buildings, handling delicate and expensive items, and using heavy duty cleaning products, you may want to consider general liability insurance for you and your business. Since even seemingly harmless situations can lead to lawsuits filed against you, Skyscraper insurance offers janitorial liability insurance to protect janitors from these risks.

Skyscraper insurance understands the risks that janitors face on a daily basis and customizes janitor insurance coverage to fit their specific business needs. Even liability claims that are baseless can drain a business’s assets, so it is in a small business’s best interests to plan ahead for litigious situations. We are in the business of encouraging courage and inspiring confidence in small business owners such as you.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. In the case of someone selling janitorial supplies, for example, if a supplier is determined to have been a part of an end event, they can be held responsible, at least in part. This is what makes coverage by janitorial supplies distributors’ wholesale insurance so important. It can literally make the difference between having a future and losing everything you have to a legal problem.

If you are in the business of providing janitorial supplies on a wholesale basis, you should seriously consider having Janitorial Supplies Distributors Wholesale Insurance to lighten or even eliminate the chances that you could suffer irreparable harm when the judgment of a court is given. Liability insurance of this type could prevent having to pay exorbitant costs related to a judgment or even the cost of defending yourself in a court of law.

We at Skyscraper insurance specialize in your business.  We have the coverage’s and claims experience to handle your unique needs as a janitorial supplies distributor.  Our independent agents have all of our resources available to them to make sure you can make the right choices when it comes to the coverage you need.  Would you like to speak with one of our agency specialists?

Janitorial supplies most often sell to commercial janitorial companies, but also sell to non-janitorial commercial companies as well. Janitorial supplies sold consist of a wide range of products including cleaners, carpet cleaning solutions, laundry soap, disinfectants, greasers, industrial deodorants, soaps, and chemicals. Cleaning equipment for janitors may also be sold such as carpet cleaning machines, trash bags, paper and plastic products, and mopping equipment. Much of the business risks associated with operating a residential janitorial supplies is in the products you sell. Many of your cleaning products and chemicals are flammable, which increase the chance of a fire and damage. Protect fire and other business risks by getting residential janitorial supplies insurance.