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Interior Decorators

Interior decorators get to make money while having fun. You regularly meet new people, visit many different styles of homes and businesses, and you get paid to be creative.

As an interior designer, you transform homes, offices and other spaces with furniture, lighting, flooring, fabrics and other design elements. You must interpret the tastes and desires of every individual client and successfully bring them to life. Interior designers typically have an artistic vision coupled with attention to detail, business savvy and excellent people skills. You may work out of your home or an office, a design studio, or a retail space.

Interior designers face risks like any business, and you have some unique exposures as well. You need comprehensive business insurance to help protect you and ensure your business can thrive even when things go wrong.

General liability is a broad commercial insurance option that helps protect you from unexpected events and hazards. Without this protection, your company could encounter major financial problems when unforeseen accidents happen. For example, if a customer injuries themselves while they’re in your office, your business can be held liable for the incident. General liability insurance can pay for those injuries so that you don’t have to. General liability can also protect you from product and advertising liability, and help with damages that result from fire or other emergencies.