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Ice Cream Parlors

Ice cream parlor have a lot of activity in them, particularly during the busy seasons, and this introduces potential risks to your business. You can protect yourself from unexpected events, risks and hazards by carrying the right types and amounts of small business insurance.

Running an ice cream parlor is a fun way to earn a living and manage your own business. You can choose the size of shop you want, and exactly what types of ice cream to sell, from ice cream cones and sundaes, to gelato and fat-free frozen yogurt. You also have some business risks to be aware of, including spoilage of your food, liabilities relating to your customers, and general business risks. For protection of these risks and others, look into getting ice cream parlor insurance.

As you have more than one business risk, you also have more than one business insurance policy to choose from.

A general liability insurance policy includes not one type of coverage, but three. This includes premises liability, products liability, and completed operations. If illness is the result of someone eating your treats, that is covered under products liability. Any accidents on your premises are covered under premises liability. If you provided special services and it turned out later on that they caused loss or damage, this would be covered under completed operations.

If you are using your vehicle for business errands, such as meeting with your dairy vendor or dropping off an ice cream cake for a special event, you need to be covered with a business auto policy. This is a commercial insurance policy offering vital coverage for your vehicle, including theft, vandalism, bodily injury, uninsured motorists, and vehicle or property damage. If you are on your way to a banquet where you are setting up an ice cream sundae buffet, and get into a collision on the way, the damages are covered by this policy.

For a package policy that includes more than one type of coverage, choose a business owner’s policy (BOP). All BOP’s include a general liability policy, plus others that you add according to your risks. This may include employee dishonesty, building and contents, business expenses, constructed buildings, valuable papers, or electronic data.

The business property insurance policy is meant to offer your business protection from unexpected events and perils. This might be a natural disaster, fire, flood, or severe weather conditions. Even a heavy rainstorm could cause water damage if you have a leak in your roof. With the business property insurance policy as part of a comprehensive ice cream parlors insurance package, you have a way to make repairs following the event.