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Our hotels and motels business insurance protects you from risk, so you can have peace of mind. Explore Acuity hotels and motels coverage options

One broad policy can cover your hotel or resort’s activities and amenities

With hotels insurance from Skyscraper one policy is all you need to protect your activities and amenities. You can also choose to add one or more of our specialized coverages for extra protection:

Hospitality Professional Liability & Errors and Omissions

This is a smart addition to your policy if your hotel employs fitness, spa, banquet or event planning staff. We’ll be there to provide you broad coverage in case your hotel’s wedding planner forgets to order the table centerpieces or your spa staff accidentally damages a guest’s hair during a beauty treatment.

Protection Against Stolen Credit Card Information

With AGCS’s Data Compromise and Payment Card Security Extra Expense coverages, you’re protected from credit card penalties, the cost of notifying those affected, and certain other related expenses if the unthinkable happens and guests’ credit card information is stolen.

These additions cover a number of costs including:

  • Credit card penalties for non-compliance of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  • Fraudulent charges
  • Reissuing cards
  • Notifying guests about the security breach
  • Hiring an investigator to determine how the data leak occurred
  • Computer upgrades to secure payment systems

Consultation When Reputations are Damaged

You can choose to add an endorsement that offers expense reimbursement and support from PR specialists and emergency situation experts for up to 60 days after a covered event. This will help you retain your stellar reputation should your guests become ill and the story makes the news. We want to ensure one incident doesn’t ruin what you have worked so hard to build.

Preservation of Historic Features

If your hotel or inn boasts historic features such as delicate crown moldings or original banisters, you probably already know that historic restoration usually means hiring experts and sourcing specific, possibly high-cost materials that may not be covered by a basic insurance policy.

AGCS Historic Properties coverage addresses those extra costs when your historic features need to be repaired. We work exclusively with Distinguished Programs, a leading insurer of historic properties for individuals and preservation societies. They know what it takes for special features to regain their appeal and beauty after damage.

Coverage Against Sexual Abuse and Molestation Allegations

A sexual abuse and molestation allegation against a hotel — even if proven false — can be costly. With abuse and molestation coverage from AGCS, you’re protected from having to pay legal fees or obligations if you’re sued for sexual harassment by a guest.